Monday, February 13, 2012

Girls are scary...I think

As I entered into my third trimester last week I had a terrifying thought...I'm going to have a daughter. Yes, I know. I'm a girl. I have a sister. But, I grew up in the country surrounded by boys. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with anything girly growing up. I climbed trees, played capture the flag in the ravine, ran around barefoot, and played basketball. Dresses were absolutely out of the question - a foreign word, really. Pierced ears were only for Nike swoosh earrings and make-up was unheard of.

Granted, I have evolved since my high school, baggy shorts, over-sized t-shirt, no make-up wearing days. But only ever so slightly. I have, since the end of college, been known to wear a few skirts/dresses and enjoy it. I cannot say, however, that I enjoy all aspects of girliness. I still only wear make-up occasionally. I choose haircuts that require little time and maintenance (can we say ponytails...or in my current state, a bob. Yay for short hair!), and I enjoy watching sports far more than I like watching E!

Now you know why I am panicking. I know NOTHING about girls. Boys I know about. I have three brothers (my sister was the last and by the time she was 6, I was away at college), I have a husband, and I have a son. They're easy. You give them food, roll around on the floor playing tackle, or send them outside to play in the dirt. Girls are a whole other ball game. They like to look pretty and wear frilly stuff. They don't like to get dirty. They cry and are emotional. I am not any of those things.

I absolutely tremble at the thought of have a girly girl. Most tomboy mom's I know ended up having the full out frilly, dress wearing, curled hair, dress-up playing, girls. While I know it would be easier on me if Blythe is a tomboy, sport loving, mud pie making kind of girl like her mama, I also know that she will be who God created her to be. And that just may be the ballet, doll-playing girl that I never was. Whatever she ends up liking, whoever she ends up becoming, I'm pretty sure God knows what He's doing and has created her to be the perfect her - despite what I think and feel and where my comfort zone is.  Who am I to argue with God and what He has planned for her?

It's going to be great having a girl!