Saturday, December 10, 2011

What's in a name?

It's here! Delivered to my doorstep today was baby girl's Christmas stocking (I had to order it now so it would match the ones I bought for Brett, Ian, and me last year...I couldn't have mismatched stockings, after all).
Many of you have already heard the name we've chosen for our baby girl, but I thought I would go into a little detail as to the meaning and reason behind it. First, I have to say I am big on the meanings of names - whether they are named after family, or the meaning itself. Ian actually has three names, Hayden Ian Kemper. We chose Hayden because we wanted to honor Brett's maternal grandfather who has had a large influence not only on Brett, but also me. Ian is the name we loved because of it's meaning - God's gracious gift. Kemper is my paternal grandmother's maiden name - chosen because my dad and his mother were very close and I was never able to meet her. My dad's family has always been extremely close and they have had a huge impact on my life.

Baby girl's names aren't quite so family oriented, but we love the meanings of them. Her full name will be Blythe Christine. Blythe means happy and Christine means Christ follower - so we will have a little happy Christ follower!

I have always loved the name Blythe - the first time I heard it was reading Anne of Green Gables. Gilbert's last name was Blythe and I always thought it would be a great girls name. It doesn't hurt that Anne of Green Gables ranks as my second favorite book ever (Pride & Prejudice beat it - but not by much). I think I've probably read the entire series no less than 20 times. And who knows how many times I've watched the movies! I love the fact that Blythe is not popular. There are a few out there (the best known is Blythe Danner), but it's lack of popularity is an added plus for me. I'm not into names that are overused and common. Christine was Brett's pick and his choice comes from the Phantom of the Opera - one of his all time favorite movies and plays. It is classic, and like Blythe, not overly popular.

So there you have it! Our sweet little Blythe will be here before you know it - and we can't wait to meet her!

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