Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outdoor fun

So I know everyone is excited to know what my latest and greatest obsession is...

A swing set.

My little guy loves to be outside. All the time. In fact, we went on multiple walks each day last week because he kept lunging for the door. As much as I love to take walks, four or five times a day is a little much. I had to find an outdoor alternative (since my blow up baby pool blew away in the last storm).

I thought I had it all figured out when I bought one of those cheap Little Tike swings a month or so ago. But lo and behold, there is no good place to hang it on our back patio without the little one hitting the post or the side of the house. Neither one seemed like a good option. This resulted in a month long search for the perfect swing set.

I considered multiple options: wood, metal, and plastic. I immediately ruled out the metal swing set (despite my husband's plea). I then looked at the little tiny plastic sets that included baby swings. After contemplating this option, I decided that he'd probably only get to use it this year before outgrowing it (the kid is big for his age and I'm pretty sure by next summer he'd collapse the thing!) and it seemed like a waste of money. I had almost made up my mind to buy a smaller wooden set. But, the thing is, we have a wonderful neighborhood park three houses down from us. I didn't want anything huge. I didn't want it take up my entire back yard. And I didn't want it to block the view of the pond behind us. This left us with one option, the perfect swing set for us. 

We bought the Step2 Play Up Gym (thanks to both sets of grandparents and the great grandparents). It's a medium sized plastic set that has two swings (we substituted our Little Tikes baby swing for one of the lap belts) and a slide.

Little man loves his early birthday present...he even got to test out the slide last night (with some help from daddy, of course).

I think he's enjoying it! 
Now he just needs to have some friends over to play with!

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