Monday, July 18, 2011

Cheap solution to protect your crib!

Don't worry, I haven't abandoned my blog! Although, it sure does feel like it.

We have been extra busy around here lately. My brother is getting married in less than two weeks so we've been trying to get all of those annoying projects that always seem to stay on the to do list, done. In addition, I have a 10 month-old who is only happy when he is WALKING around (with the aid of mommy's hands). This makes it slightly difficult to get anything accomplished.

I will say, that I did get this accomplished the other day...
I stole this idea from my friend Dawn (click to go to her blog)...instead of buying those expensive crib protectors, just buy enough fleece to make a cover yourself. If you have a crib like mine, you won't need to protect the back rail so about a yard and half should be enough fabric. Just cut the appropriate length and then cut strips to tie together. Voila. Cheap and easy solution to eliminating teeth marks on the crib railings (although I will say I was one nap too late...I have a nice little chunk of wood out of one side rail. At least it won't be used when it coverts to the full sized bed :))!

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