Friday, July 1, 2011

A good nights sleep...I wish

So we are in desperate need of a new mattress...there are "wells" on both sides of the bed where we sleep and a ridge down the middle. As you can imagine, this has made both Brett and I a little stiff in the morning. I decided it was time for a new one when I had trouble getting Ian out of his crib the other morning. Enough is enough!

We have needed one for quite a while but I have put it off for at least a year and half because I didn't want to spend the money. I still don't, but I'm TIRED of not sleeping and my back aching.

We currently have some sort of Serta pillowtop mattress. I can safely say that I will never purchase another pillowtop. What a waste of money. They all sag and dip (I will say I was warned - wish I had listened). This leads me to the question...what do I get???? I've been researching for weeks and still haven't come to any conclusion. I had almost made up my mind to get this Englander mattress, but after stumbling onto a website with a plethora of poor reviews, I decided it wasn't worth the chance despite the rave reviews from the lady who sells it.

Tempurpedic and Sleep Number beds are out for us because at this point they are cost prohibitive. I think I want memory foam, but I've heard they sleep hot so that could be a problem for Brett. Then I saw this last night. I think it might be my dream bed (well it might be after I actually try it). It's the new Serta iComfort. It has some sort of cooling gel in the foam that alleviates the heat concern of foam mattresses. JCPenny has it on sale for essentially 1/2 half, but still, the price is a little steep. Maybe I'll have to enter Serta's contest to win a free one...yeah right. I've never even won a game at a baby shower!

I LOVE the idea of the iComfort so I have now been looking for a cheaper alternative. I found something that is reasonable and comparable on Amazon. The only problem? I can't lay on it.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on a mattress they love (or hate)? I open to any ideas at this point!

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