Monday, July 2, 2012

My little Monet...

So, I do NOT like messes. I avoid them. Like the plague. Especially when it involves a toddler. But this summer heat has made me absolutely desperate for something fun and creative for Ian to do indoors. I've seen multiple ideas on Pinterest but I bypass them, cringing, as I go on to the next idea. Well, I'm happy (I guess) to say that I finally gave in. Sort of.

I eased myself into the world of messy by making shaving cream paint for Ian to play with in the bathtub.

As long as you're okay with water going from it's normal clear color, to a murky green, you should be okay.
The paint itself was super simple to make. Just buy cheap foam shaving cream (I got the sensitive skin type for less than $2 at Target), squirt some in a disposable bowl, add a couple drops of food coloring, mix, and voila - you have instant "paint". As a side note, a lot of people used silicone cupcake pans, but I found using disposable bowls made for a super easy clean up AND they floated in the bath water.

Ian really loved it. He's run into my bathroom every day and asked to paint. And while it was messy, it was only briefly messy. Since it's shaving cream I just rinsed the "artwork" off the walls once he was finished and threw Ian in the shower to rinse off.

Okay, so maybe he's more like my little Picasso...

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