Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cars, cars, and more cars...

So last fall I started throwing around ideas for Ian's "big boy" room. When Blythe moves out of our room, she will be taking the room Ian is currently in. Mostly because I'm too lazy to move the crib...again. Ian will be transitioning to a big boy bed so I wanted to make the transition fun for him and hopefully easy for us.

I originally wanted to do some sort of baseball theme (daddy's request), but the only bedding I could find was from Pottery Barn Kids and it was more than what I paid for the quilt on my own king sized bed, so I refused. What I found instead was this cute construction themed quilt from Ian received it as his Christmas present from Grandma, Papa, and the Super Grandparents.

I had planned on just painting his room a soft shade of green to go with the quilt, but I happened upon a paint-by-number mural on that I couldn't resist. It was like it was made for Ian's room! I really thought I had bit off more than I could handle, but thanks to Steve and Patty Cotten, and my wonderful husband, we were able to finally get the mural complete two weeks before Blythe made her arrival. Nothing like waiting till the last minute...

This is the wall directly across from Ian's bed - now he'll be able to wake up to his cars and trucks!

I found all the accessories at Target (dump truck pillow and painting above the train table) or at the Tulsa JBF sale (nightlight and table lamp).

I made his name myself...and as you can see, still needs to be put up on the wall above his bed. It was done by using modge podge to adhere scrapbook paper to blank canvases I bought at Hobby Lobby. I bought wooden letters and painted them and then glued them to the paper.

All in all, I think it turned out pretty well. The mural could have been slightly better - I didn't realize how difficult it was to paint on textured walls!

Hopefully Ian will love it for many years to come!

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