Friday, June 1, 2012

Life's busy...but not too busy for the simple things

I have been absent from my blog for so long that I can't even remember the last thing I posted...yes, I know I have plenty of reasons. Most of them named Blythe :). I have a ton of catching up to do, but this post is really the reason I started blogging in the first place - a place for me to record moments in time that I want to remember forever. For me, one of those moments happened last week while I was home with both kids by myself for the first time.

Blythe was laying down for a nap and Ian and were playing outside. All the sudden my sweet little boy ran up to me and said "hug, mommy?". As he climbed in my lap and threw his arms around my neck, I thought to myself - this is what life is all about. I wouldn't trade one minute of my mommy life for anything I previously had before children. A simple act and simple words from a 20-month old completely melted my heart.

Who wouldn't want hugs from this little guy?? He might be the sweetest thing there ever was...sissy sure does think so!

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