Saturday, November 12, 2011

A first for Ian

Today was a first for Ian...he got a haircut! I've been debating for weeks as to whether I really wanted him to have it cut. I love his little curls and I knew that if we cut his hair, the curls would go...permanently. But, I'd finally had enough. The curls were coming out less often and most of the time his hair was just long and stringy looking. So, I bit the bullet and took him to see Mr. Will at Kuts 4 Kids today.

I'd like to say it went well and he enjoyed it, but alas, I cannot. He cried. Through the entire haircut. I'm gonna blame it on the three kids before him that screamed bloody murder when it was their turn. At least he had fun playing with all the toys in the waiting room while he waited for his turn on the tractor seat.

Here's a before shot (about ready to release the floodgates):

Here's a shot somewhere in the middle...crying, of course:

Almost done...the big scary man at least isn't touching me!

And here's the final product! I think he's saying "mom, he's still next me! What is he going to do next?!?! Leave me alone!"

All better now...goldfish help everything!

No more stringy hair!!! Although, I will say that I am going to miss those cute little curls :(
Such a big boy now. Sigh.

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  1. So handsome! I guess if he's going to be a big brother, he better look the part.